December 22, 2022

What Are the Upsides and Downsides of Lingual Braces?


The desire for a healthy and beautiful smile currently motivates about 4 million people in the U.S. to straighten their teeth with orthodontics braces.

For many, there is a significant obstacle to seeking treatment; They don’t like the conventional treatment because of its looks for teenagers who are image-conscious about their looks or people who don’t want extra attention for their dental work in progress. Then orthodontics specialists of Florida tell you about other options; they are invisible. The invisible braces consumers are growing thoroughly.

One of them is lingual braces; they have the same components as conventional braces but are attached to the back of your mouth. So, hardly people can see them.

Who is a candidate for lingual braces?

The only way to know about lingual braces is a dental appointment. You should contact a MetLife dentist near me for thorough treatment. Overall lingual braces can correct the exact alignment as traditional braces do.

However, lingual braces aren’t for everyone because patients with deep overbite may feel trouble if they get one.

During your first appointment, a dentist will examine your teeth and discuss other treatment options best for you. If you’re interested in lingual braces, you need a trained dentist who can apply them.

How much do lingual braces miami cost you?

The cost of dental braces will vary depending on many factors, including

  • The length of the treatment
  • Where you live
  • On your insurance plan
  • The appliance you choose

A dentist will discuss the cost and payment method during the consultation. Still, you want a preliminary idea about the cost. In that case, you should consider seeking a miami shores dentist will be the best option for you.

The cost of lingual braces is higher than traditional braces because the application process is a little more time-consuming than conventional braces. Your lingual braces can be customized for individual patients, which may boost the cost.

Will lingual braces give me a lisp?

Yes, because when your wear braces, this will touch your tongue while speaking, which makes certain sounds. Since the brackets are on the back of your teeth, your speech may be affected when you get dental braces.

While all these types of braces are temporary with your speech patterns, which can only affect your speech until the treatment completes.

While some people have had success correcting speech problems with the help of speech therapy, eventually, your tongue will get accustomed to the brace, and your speech will return to normal.

Are lingual braces more uncomfortable than other braces?

No matter what kind of braces you select, you will feel some discomfort as your teeth move to begin.

Most people experience this pain because your braces exert pressure to move your teeth; a dentist will prescribe over-the-counter medications in such conditions. Also, you should eat soft food like rice, yogurt, and soft-boiled eggs until the pain ceases.


Suppose you are looking for lingual braces miami but need clarification about them. So it would be best if you considered seeking an orthodontics specialist of Florida through diagnosis and treatment for straight and aligned teeth.

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