December 21, 2021

What Happens If A Broken Tooth Left Untreated?


Numerous people left their broken teeth untreated, but this is wrong. If you leave your damaged teeth untreated it will get worse over time and let bacteria infiltrate under the enamel and the delicate internal part of the tooth into the deeper layer of tissue.

The infection started to spread from that point and form an abscess, a pocket of poisonous content. You should know that a broken tooth contains bacteria that cause infection or abscess if you’ll leave it untreated.

We have found from studies that crooked or broken teeth provide risks of damage to the nerve that can cause a root canal treatment. Make sure to always maintain your oral hygiene by cleaning your mouth after every meal. If you don’t want to face abscess discomfort make sure to visit Emergency Dental Near Me.

What changes if I have a broken tooth?

The tooth enamel does not contain nerves and blood vessels but you can face little

from the loss of enamel. Every individual has a different type of broken tooth that can vary from a small chip to a full broken tooth from the outside of the enamel. Many dentists have suggested that it is risky to leave the pulp and dentin exposed. Because leaving the pulp and dentin exposed can cause you pain and build bacteria that leads to tooth decay, tooth discoloration, and sensitivity because of temperature changes.

Here are some symptoms of broken teeth that require an immediate visit to a dentist open on Sunday near me:

  • Swollen gums
  • Pain in chewing
  • Teeth sensitivity
  • Pain that comes and goes
  • Discomfort in the mouth

If you are still thinking you can manage these issues and leave the teeth untreated, here are some signs that you should know why treating broken teeth is important:

  • A broken tooth can build pressure that causes sensitivity
  • There are chances where you can cut your tongue
  • Severe temperature sensitivity
  • Severe pain

Make sure to visit your dentist that can provide you with treatments like tooth nerve pain relief and tooth pulled near me.

Can we leave the broken teeth untreated?

You should not leave your broken teeth untreated, we have mentioned above that leaving it will not provide you any benefit rather than inviting dental complications.

The most important side effects of a broken tooth are that food debris can get stuck inside, which can cause several tooth infections. This leads to abscesses within your mouth, an abscess is the most painful and severe disease that is filled with numerous infections and bacteria, amalgamated pus, plaque, disease, and food. This infection and bacteria are harmful to your overall health because the fluids start splitting into the bloodstream and cause severe harm to your health.  You should visit an emergency dentist nearby to avoid such conditions.


We hope you liked this article and now you know why you shouldn’t leave your teeth untreated. To fight this problem in your hectic schedule, you can easily search on the web for a Dentist open on Saturday near me and get several dentist lists that can help you in other treatments you want to know more about.