August 31, 2022

What Happens When You Get a Root Canal on Your Front Teeth?


Losing a tooth is very stressful, especially when losing a front tooth that will hurt your smile. Thanks to modern technology such as root canal treatment, your dentist can treat your infected or decayed front teeth without having an extraction. Even this process is more straightforward when performed on a front tooth rather than a molar one. Therefore, if you are experiencing symptoms such as pain, swelling, or a bad taste or odor in your mouth, you should visit a cosmetic dentist near me to diagnose and treat your teeth.

What is root canal treatment?

Best cosmetic dentistry near me performs root canal treatment to repair and save an infected tooth from the eruption. Infection can occur for many reasons, such as cracked teeth, trauma, and sometimes repeated dental treatment to the same teeth will destroy its enamel. The dentist recommends root canal treatment when the infection reaches the tooth’s core and becomes infected.

Root canal treatment(RCT) removes the infected pulp from your tooth, cleans that area, disinfects it, and seals it when the infection is completely removed. This prevents the infection from spreading to other teeth and surrounding gums since this procedure does not damage the physical structure in any way; this is one of the safest treatments to save your teeth from eruption.

What is the process of root canal treatment?

  • When you visit a walk-in dentist for the procedure, they will first examine and evaluate your teeth with the help of X-rays and digital scanning.
  • Afterward, your dentist administers a local anesthetic to numb the affected tooth and gums. Also, they will use a dental dam to save the surrounding area and clean it.
  • Next, they will make an opening to expose the infected area and removes it with a dental tool.
  • Then the area is cleaned and disinfected; after it, the dentist fills your tooth with thermoplastic latex and seals it.
  • In the whole procedure, your tooth enamel stays safe or minimally damaged.
  • The final stage of the restoration procedure is when the dentist open on Saturday near me places a dental crown to increase the durability of your root canal treatment, as well as prevent your teeth from bad biting and filling from worn out.

Recovery and maintenance of a root canal on a front tooth

It is normal to experience pain and tenderness immediately after the root canal treatment. In this case, your dentist will prescribe you some pain medication to make the healing process painless and comfortable. You should also try to eat soft food for a few days and avoid disrupting the treatment.

Also good dental practices such as brushing and flossing at least twice a day and visiting your dentist for regular check-ups at least two times a year.

Problem after root canal treatment is very rare; if your tooth sealant gets damaged or a dentist anticipates a wrong number of canals in your teeth, which were left untreated during root canal treatment, contact the weekend dentist near me.