May 31, 2023

What Is The Relationship Between Invisalign And Pain?


Transparent teeth aligners are famous substitutes for regular braces. These aligners use transparent plastic rather than metal, and Invisalign is an orthodontic device. Pain felt by these aligners may also depend upon an individual’s pain tolerance. It is even probable to feel no pain at all.

While these aligners can be extra comfortable instead of metal braces, there is also an option that you may feel minimal discomfort or pain. Although, the occurrence of pain appears most significant within the initial week of placing clear dental aligners.

Suppose you feel pain over the first week after placing your first Invisalign. In that case, this may show a more complex situation, and you must visit your orthodontist or an affordable dental office for a checkup. Understand more about your threat of Invisalign irritation and all the threat circumstances you must share with Cosmetic Dentistry Near Me before getting to these invisible dental aligners.

Invisalign can create minimal pain initially because the device is built to support gradually aligning the irregularities of your teeth.

How much pain occurs in the initial week?

Any discomfort or pain you experience from Invisalign keeps temporary, with the most significant risk being in the initial week of utilizing your latest aligners.

Regarding discomfort or pain, feelings are temporary and reportedly mild overall. A study described that 54% of clear aligner wearers felt minimal pain, while 35% did not feel pain.

The biggest complaint of invisible aligner wearers was discomfort and pain while chewing or biting food particles. Moreover, another study described that 44% of wearers showed this sign.

Although some calculations suggest that Invisalign Near Me cause temporary and mild pain, not everyone will experience pain.

However, you can be more probably to feel pain from teeth aligners if you have:

  • sensitive gingivitis and gums
  • sensitive teeth
  • lower sufferance to discomfort overall

If you are experiencing pain in one tooth, it is likely to feel temporary discomfort in just a single tooth. This usually describes that your invisible aligners are performing their job by slowly aligning your teeth.

You may not feel pain in a similar tooth with each Invisalign tray swapped, and any tenderness should be removed in some days.

How serious does the pain have to be to need awareness?

It is probable to feel minimal pain or discomfort in the following parts of your body in the initial week of having your aligners:

  • tongue
  • jaw
  • teeth

Although the pain must not be serious enough to disturb your regular activities significantly. You should get your orthodontist immediately if you feel the following issues:

  • pain accompanied by facial swelling
  • pain during drinking, eating, and swallowing food
  • Cold and hot sensations
  • bleeding gums and teeth


For various people wearing an Invisalign may create pain and discomfort, a pain that you have utilized later and to forget cured by emergency dentistry. It may be harrowing and uncomfortable, and the invisalign treatment hurts but is milder irritative than metallic braces. Like various kinds, the pain vanishes after the teeth adjust to clear aligners.