November 29, 2023

What Should You Know About Dental Filling And The Procedure In Singapore?


What Is It?

Dental fillings can return a tooth weakened by decay to its natural form and function. When you have a filling, your dentist will first extract the decaying tooth material, clean the area, and then use a filling substance to fill the cavity. If wisdom teeth do not erupt fully, some dentists advise wisdom teeth removal while a young adult, usually between the ages of 15 and 22, is typical.

A filling aids in halting further degradation by sealing up areas where germs may enter. Gold, porcelain, amalgam (an alloy of mercury, silver, copper, tin, and occasionally zinc), composite resin (tooth-colored fillings), and composite resin are used for fillings.

Since decay rates are higher in molar (back) teeth, fillings are more frequently necessary. Taking good care of your teeth and eating a balanced diet can prevent tooth decay from requiring fillings. Dental filling singapore can guarantee that any issues are found and resolved quickly.

Here are five advantages of dental fillings:

Enhances the tooth’s structural integrity

Composite fillings aid in enhancing the tooth’s structural integrity. The filling will provide the tooth with much-needed support, preventing the cavity from hollowing out the tooth. Since fillings are only temporary fixes, applying them doesn’t harm your teeth in any way.

Inhibits the growth of the cavity

Your dentist will scour out the decayed part of your tooth when you receive a filling. The filling material will be poured in by them, sealing the cavity’s opening. This guards against the temperatures of the food you drink and the acids created by the microorganisms in your mouth damaging the nerve terminals in your dentine.

Fortifies broken teeth

Dental fillings can be utilized to fix a broken tooth. For this, a white composite is often used. An accident or oral trauma from vigorous activities like sports can break one of your teeth.

keeps your teeth free from decay

Your teeth may develop tiny holes too small to be classified as cavities, but they tend to collect dirt and food particles. Tooth decay will eventually result from these holes over time. Fortunately, a mixed filler can be used to fill them.

Tooth fillings improve the color of your teeth.

Composite fillings are frequently used on teeth that have severe discoloration and staining. Red wine and coffee are two foods that can discolor your teeth. Teeth discoloration can also result from destructive behaviors like bruxism.

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Oral Health’s Best Dental Fillings Treatment

Dental fillings are essential to contemporary dentistry and play a key role in improving smile aesthetics and oral health. They are a standard treatment for dental cavities, commonly referred to as dental caries or tooth decay, which, if untreated, can jeopardize the structure and functionality of teeth. Gum treatment improves overall dental health, reinforces damaged teeth, and stops more deterioration. For More Information, Visit the dental clinic singapore. They will provide you with the best treatments.


Tooth decay is treated with dental fillings. A filling can stop more damage, lower the chance of pain and infection, and support the maintenance of general tooth health.

Regular scaling, polishing, and practicing good oral hygiene are all part of the gum treatment singapore regimen. It is advised to visit the dentist six times a month on average.

Fillings come in various forms, such as amalgam, gold, composite, and glass ionomer. One ought to talk to their dentist about the available possibilities.

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