June 10, 2022

Why Do People Choose To Whiten Teeth, And How Does It Work?


Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that will make your teeth appear whiter. There are two common and popular ways of doing It: bleaching and non-bleaching whitening products. The best orthodontist Miami, often uses the terms whitening and bleaching interchangeably. Only when a product contains bleach may the term “bleaching” be used.

When a product removes food particles or debris from the teeth without using bleach, it is referred to as “whitening.” Bleaching products contain peroxide, which removes both surfaces and reduces the stains on the teeth beyond their natural color.

Would it be better to let a professional do the teeth whitening?

The orthodontist specialist of Florida recommends if you decide to bleach your teeth, you should consult with your dentist first. A dentist can recommend the best teeth whitening Miami fl alternatives and oversee your procedure to prevent issues. The professional whitening would typically take about an hour in a dentist’s office.

The treatment entails applying a tooth whitening gel containing 25% to 40% hydrogen peroxide to your teeth, directing a specific heating lamp at your teeth for three 20-minute intervals, with reapplication of the gel in between breaks. A Miami childrens dentist may use a laser, which is said to speed up or activate the whitening process.

The orthodontist hallandale fl uses a protective barrier during the whitening procedure to keep your gums, lips, and tongue away from the whitening gel, ensuring that it stays in place on your teeth. The dentist will generally provide you with custom-made whitening trays for your teeth, which you can use at home with bleaching solutions for best results.

How to do teeth whitening or bleaching at home?

Because they are inexpensive and straightforward, over-the-counter teeth whitening products have grown popular. Although they have less peroxide than other dentist-recommended whitening treatments, some people can reach satisfactory results, albeit it will take longer. Whitening trays, strips, rinses, and toothpaste are examples of over-the-counter whitening kits and products.

According to Miami beach teeth whitening, dentist-supervised whitening is still the safest for your tooth enamel. Dentist-recommended teeth whitening solutions that are also more effective in removing deep stains. If you do decide to buy whitening products from the drugstore, check for the stamp of approval from the American Dental Academy. The ADA seal indicates a safe and effective product is above and beyond the law.

What exactly are teeth whitening trays?

One way to whiten or bleach your teeth at home is to use tooth-whitening trays. Dental specialists recommend Dentist-prescribed take-home whitening kits because they contain more bleach for better outcomes. The dentist will make fitting application trays out of durable and flexible plastic using specific molds of your teeth.

These fitted teeth whitening trays keep the bleach in close contact with the teeth for the greatest results, prevent saliva from diluting the bleach, and reduce the bleach that leaks out and irritates the gums. Over-the-counter trays do not fit perfectly, resulting in bleach spillage and irritated gums.

They either store or preload the Tooth bleaching products in syringes, then add them to them before use. A dentist can also alter the bleach concentration and prescribe a desensitizing agent before or after the bleaching procedure. Kits typically include enough gel for one two-week treatment every year and a few touch-ups.


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