July 14, 2022

Do you want a cosmetic solution that dramatically changes your smile?

Dental Veneers Houston guarantees you a flawless smile by providing you best dental support. Also, it will modify your teeth’ color, shape, and appearance. Teeth veneers are custom-made resins fixed over the front teeth and called “smile makeovers.” Dentists recommend these Veneers In Houston Tx for minor and aesthetic issues like chipped, stained, or broken teeth. In most cases, the dentist suggests the cosmetic object for restructuring the front six to eight teeth rather than back teeth.

There are five types of cosmetic veneers, each with advantages and disadvantages.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers Houston is the most commonly used appliance and tooth-colored ceramic shells. Apart from mimicking the teeth’s natural color, these veneers can withhold the biting capacity to a certain extent.

Hence the porcelain veneers are strong and more durable than other veneers. In addition, they are biocompatible, and therefore they do not react and cause allergic reactions.

Disadvantages of porcelain

  • They are quite expensive
  • Sometimes, it requires enamel removal
  • They’re hard to repair if it damages

Composite Veneers

Technicians use composite resin materials to make composite veneers of organic and inorganic substances. The organic materials veneer contains resin and initiators. But for inorganic, only one material is a coupling agent whilst filler. In addition, composite veneers do not irritate the other surrounding tissue.

They are economical as compared to others. However, tooth preparation is mandatory for cementing the veneer over the teeth.

Disadvantages of composite veneers

  • they’re less expensive as compared to other veneers
  • Prone to discoloration
  • Less durable and have less durability than porcelain veneers


Lumineers are thin but well-built veneers and need less preparation for the procedure.

They are long-lasting as Porcelain veneers. Their surface is smooth and natural after bonding over the teeth’ surface.

Disadvantages of Lumineers

  • Higher chances of detachment
  • Spots beneath the lumineers well visible due to the appliance’s fewer thickness

Palatal Veneers

Another name for Palatal veneers is lingual veneers. They are custom-made appliances to restore the surface of your front teeth, and dentists fabricate this with porcelain laminate, composite material, and even gold or stainless steel.

Temporary Veneers

Other names for Temporary Veneers are removable veneers and snap-on veneers. They are made of flexible resin and are typically fixed as a quick solution until the permanent veneers. Dentists use this temporary veneer as mouthguards.

Instant Veneers

  • Custom-made or clip-on veneers
  • Bottom line veneer

Besides hiding the imperfections in front teeth surfaces, covering the teeth surfaces with veneers are very useful in treating the sensitivity. Teeth with deep cracks and wear-down enamel expose the sensitive tissues or layers underneath and provoke sharp pain. Dentist Office Open On Saturday Near Me can resolve this issue with veneers. Dental Veneers Houston provides the perfect solution for sensitive feel in the front teeth and aesthetic issues. For more such issues you can visit an emergency dentist.