November 22, 2022

How Effective is LANAP Laser Gum Surgery?


For patients with gum disease, you may have a lot of queries about the LANAP technology and how it differs from traditional treatments.

How effective is it? LANAP words, abbreviated from Laser assisted new attachment procedure, also encourage the attachment of healthy gum tissue to your bone and mouth.

That’s important for periodontal or gum disease because the progression of gums means infection and damage to the normal attachment and teeth. In this article, you will learn about gingivitis and gum recession treatment.

Can LANAP reverse the periodontal problem?

Reversing this problem during periodontal treatment is done by traditional methods or relying on natural healing in various cases.

LANAP can assist the gum treatment; the Laser stimulates the tissue to create those new attachments and improves the overall healing of your mouth faster. Consider visiting a gingivectomy dentist near me for a healthy and hygienic mouth.

LANAP for Gum Surgery

During osseous surgery, the conventional way of treating advanced periodontal disease, a laser dental clinic near me uses scalpels to cut the diseased tissue away and reaches any infected pocket in your gums or jaw. After the procedure, your doctor uses sutures to reshape the gums around your teeth without the bags. This is usually very effective but has a long recovery time and is much more invasive, and can expect to result in pain and discomfort during the healing process.

What LANAP does instead is eliminated diseased gum tissue.

With a particular light frequency. The Laser also kills bacteria in your mouth, causes speedy healing, and encourages new tissue growth. Both remove infected tissues and restore healthy tissue with less trauma to the gums for better healing.

Effectiveness of LANAP

Studies on the LANAP procedure show better results, saving teeth after the gum recession surgery; it also increases the new attachment of gums and bone after the treatment and aid in gum periodontal and regeneration.

Moreover, patients with LANAP treatment show less recurrence of their periodontal disease than conventional treatment.

There are numerous reasons, including the Laser removing the gum that causes disease, and improved tissue regrowth means the bone and root of teeth are better protected from future infections.

Does LANAP Regrow Gum and Bone?

There’s no cutting and sewing to recover from the tissues, and it can heal more efficiently. And then, applying a laser can sterilize the area for better healing, and the light promotes rapid tissue growth in the gums and bone treatment.

Your dentist also offers various techniques and procedures to help bone generation for patients with periodontal disease, such as bone regeneration. The treatment option directs healing with the help of soft membranes left around the pockets.


In this article, you have learned about the effectiveness of LANAP treatment and how it works. Can you know your eligibility? It would be best if you considered visiting a dentist for gum disease treatment.