November 22, 2022

Is Sleep Test in the Comfort of Your Home?


A home sleep test(HST) is a very convenient and accurate way of finding if you are suffering from sleep apnea disorder. Sleeping better leads to more energy and can dramatically affect your quality of life. Taking a home sleep test is your first step in selecting better y looking after your sleep.

Suppose you are experiencing any problem while you sleep. In that case, you should consult a sleep apnea dentist near me to diagnose and treat sleep apnea.


Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)

Suppose you have a moderate to severe type of sleep apnea disorder. In that case, you might benefit from a CPAP machine that delivers air pressure through the mask while you sleep to open the airway. Moreover, the air pressure is somewhat more significant than the surrounding air. It is enough to help your airways open and prevent snoring and apnea problems.

Although CPAP is th most common and reliable method to help your sleep apnea, some people find discomfort and discomfort with CPAP machines. But with time, most people see and adjust the tension to obtain a comfortable and secure fit.

You can try more than one type of mask to find comfort. Don’t stop using the CPAP appliance if you have problems. Check with your doctor about what changes can be made to increase your comfort level.

Also, you should contact your doctor if you’re still snoring or after the sleep apnea treatment. If you find any change in your weight, the pressure settings of the CPAP machine may need to be adjusted.

Other airway pressure Appliances

Suppose the CPAP machine continues to be discomfort for you. In that case, you could use a different airways pressure device that automatically adjusts the pressure while you sleep.

Units that supply bilevel-positive airway pressure(Bipap) are also available. They give to pressure when you inhale and less when you exhale.

Oral appliances

A different option is wearing an oral appliance to keep your temporary problem away. And Cpap is more reliable and effective than oral appliances, but oral appliances are easy to use.

Some are designed to open the throat by bringing your jaw forward, which can relieve snoring and mild OSA. Several devices are available; you should consider visiting a sleep apnea dentist midtown to know what is best for you.

What is the Treatment for associated medical problems?

Possible causes of central sleep apnea(CSA) include heart and neuro disorders, and treating those conditions might be helpful.

Supplemental oxygen: With the help of supplemental oxygen when you sleep, your condition or central sleep apnea may be subsidies. There are various options to deliver oxygen to your lungs.

Adaptive servo-ventilation (ASV): This device learns your normal breathing pattern and stores the information in a built-in chip. After you fall asleep, the machine starts giving pressure according to your normal breathing pattern and preventing small stops or pauses while you breathe.


Suppose you are suffering from a sleep apnea problem. In that case, you should consider having one of the sleep apnea treatment adults eliminate all of the issues. Also, you can visit sleep apnea specialists near me to know what is best for you!