July 25, 2023

What Are The Common Symptoms For Extraction Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth?


The final set of teeth to erupt at the back of the mouth are wisdom teeth, also referred to as third molars. While some people have no difficulties with their wisdom teeth, others could have concerns that need an emergency tooth extraction. It’s essential to be aware of the typical signs of troublesome wisdom teeth in order to get dental care as soon as possible. In order to assist you in determining when it might be essential to have your wisdom teeth extracted, this article will examine these symptoms.

Signs Of Problematic Wisdom Teeth That Require Removal

Discomfort And Pain

Pain and discomfort are two typical signs of troublesome wisdom teeth. These teeth may not have enough room to properly emerge as they erupt from the rear of the mouth. They may become impacted and unable to blast through the gums fully. Wisdom teeth that are affected might push on other teeth, resulting in discomfort in the back of the mouth.

Inflammation And Redness

Swelling and redness in the gums surrounding the affected area can occur when wisdom teeth become impacted or partially erupted. A condition known as pericoronitis, an infection, can develop due to germs trapped around a partially erupted tooth. A wisdom teeth removal dentist or oral surgeon may need to immediately intervene if pericoronitis worsens and causes pain.

Difficulty In Opening The Mouth

Sometimes it can be challenging to expand the mouth due to issues with wisdom teeth removal fully. This restriction in jaw movement may result from pain and stiffness in the jaw joint brought on by the pressure of impacted or malpositioned wisdom teeth.

Poor Taste And Bad Breath

Wisdom teeth that have barely partially erupted leave spaces along the gum line where bacteria and food particles can accumulate. Poor breath and poor taste in the mouth could result as a result. Maintaining proper oral hygiene around impacted wisdom teeth removal may be difficult, necessitating consideration of extraction.

Teeth Crowding And Shifting

Wisdom teeth can push against other teeth and crowd and shift them if there is not enough room in the mouth for them to erupt correctly. This may cause the teeth to become misaligned and destroy years of orthodontic treatment. To maintain the alignment of the existing teeth in such situations, it could be necessary to remove the wisdom teeth.

Tumors And Cysts

Rarely, cysts or tumors can form on wisdom teeth. These tumors may harm adjacent nerves, teeth, and jawbone. Regular dental exams and X-rays are essential to track the development of wisdom teeth and catch any possible problems early.

In Conclusion

Symptoms of problematic wisdom teeth can include pain, swelling, trouble opening the mouth, foul breath, and misaligned teeth. It is critical to seek advice from a dentist or oral surgeon for a comprehensive evaluation if you suffer any of these symptoms. Wisdom teeth removal near me is essential as soon as possible to avoid further issues and maintain general dental health. Keep in mind that routine dental exams are essential for tracking the growth and development of wisdom teeth and ensuring your smile is pain-free and healthy.

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