July 25, 2023

What Symptoms Indicate An Infected Wisdom Tooth, And When Should You Consult A Doctor?


Infection is a frequent condition that can arise from wisdom teeth. How can you tell? The signs of an infected wisdom tooth removed are described in this article, and when you should see a doctor. You can take better care of your dental health if you know these symptoms.

Wisdom Tooth Infection Symptoms

A wisdom tooth infection can cause discomfort and agony. Here are some warnings of infected wisdom tooth symptoms to look out for:

Swelling And Pain

You can feel discomfort in the back of your mouth if you have an infected wisdom tooth. Additionally, swelling and tenderness may be seen surrounding the affected tooth.

Warmth And Redness 

The infected area can be red and heated to the touch. Inflammation, which frequently precedes an infection, is indicated by this.

Bad Taste And Bad Breath

A wisdom tooth infection might result in persistent bad breath resistance to mouthwash or brushing. Additionally, you can experience a bad taste in your mouth.

Having Trouble Opening Mouth

It may be challenging to open your mouth due to the illness fully. Talking and chewing may become difficult and unpleasant.


Infected wisdom teeth may occasionally cause a fever. When you have a fever, it’s a warning that the illness might spread, so you should get help immediately.

Enlarged Gums

The gums may swell and bubble out around the diseased tooth. You might detect a tiny lump close to your mouth’s rear.

Drainage Discharge

When a severe wisdom tooth infection or pus may accumulate surrounding the affected area, it’s critical to consult a dentist or doctor right away if you experience any discharge.

When to Seek Medical Attention?

If you develop any of the aforementioned symptoms, getting medical assistance as soon as possible is critical. Ignoring an impacted wisdom tooth infection can result in more serious issues, like the development of an abscess or the transfer of infection to other regions of the body. 

Following are some warning indications that you should consult a dentist or doctor right away:

Extreme Pain

It is time to get wisdom teeth recovery if you are dealing with severe, excruciating pain that does not subside with over-the-counter analgesics.

A High Fever

Fever, particularly when combined with other symptoms like swelling and trouble opening your mouth, maybe a sign of a serious illness that must be treated immediately.

Swallowing Or Breathing Challenges

The severe infection may result in swelling, making it difficult to breathe or swallow. This is a medical emergency. Therefore, you should call for assistance right away.

Having Trouble Opening Mouth

It may indicate a serious infection that requires medical attention if you find it difficult or painful to open your mouth fully.

Consistently Unpleasant Tastes And Breath

It’s possible that infected wisdom teeth are to blame if you experience persistent bad breath and poor taste in your mouth despite practicing good dental hygiene.

Face Or Neck Swelling That Is Spreading

A severe infection that needs prompt medical attention may be indicated by swelling extending beyond the diseased tooth’s local vicinity.

Winding Up

An infected wisdom tooth can bring on pain, swelling, poor breath, and other painful symptoms of tooth infection. You must get medical help right once if you notice any of these symptoms. Don’t wait to contact a dentist or doctor if your wisdom tooth is infected. Ignoring an infection can result in more serious issues. Maintaining dental health is crucial for general health, and early intervention can assist in avoiding issues and returning you to a pain-free, healthy grin.