September 12, 2022

What Causes Spider Veins to Reoccur After Treatment?


Spider veins form a web-like appearance on thighs, calves, and legs. You may be familiar with their appearance if you suffer from this disease. There is still a possibility of returning spider veins whether you acquire treatment with injection, laser ablation, or microphlebectomy.

Some reasons for appearing back can be:

  1. Genetics – Unfortunately, if your parents have/had spider veins, you can’t predict if and when new spider veins will appear.
  2. Venous Deficiency: The other reason for your spider veins reappearing can be a condition of venous deficiency. This involves another other treatment overall.

What is a Vein Specialist Called?” A phlebologist or a specialist who treats veins diseases is a medically qualified doctor specializing in analyzing and treating patients with specific disorders in veins such as spider veins, leg ulcers, vascular birthmarks, and other related vascular conditions. This disease is a progressive vein disease that will not run permanently without proper treatment, and spider veins can signify this vein condition.

Treatment for spider veins:

Whenever this question arises, “Do Spider Veins Come Back After Laser Treatment“?.

The answer is if proper treatment with a permanent solution is not taken, it may arise again after the laser treatment.

Your vein specialist will use Laser therapy that uses a laser that spreads heat directly to the skin surface and attacks the stain in the skin with heat, breaking up the stain particles and allowing the body to absorb these stain particles. This procedure is distressing and painful because the doctor uses a laser that applies heat directly to the skin. The other drawback is treating a small skin area takes a little longer. The most standard treatment for spider veins is Sclerotherapy.

The following is a list of answers to questions often asked about this procedure:

How long do spider veins disappear after the treatment?

The effects of laser treatment on spider veins are not instantaneous, and it takes time for the vessels underneath the skin to turn from a dark blue to light red and finally disappear between two to six weeks.

Is laser spider vein removal permanent?


Using laser ablation, some spider veins may vanish after one treatment, while others may take longer to disappear. You may need an average number of treatments between 2 and 4 to acquire the required results.

How long is the recovery time?

The time needed to recover from the spider veins depends on the extent of the treatment and the person’s ability to cure it. Red or purple bruises may last several weeks or longer after the treatment. The redness will slowly lighten to a pink tone, then lighter, and finally to a more natural color. Laser treatment can be more influential for small- and medium-size spider veins. Your vein specialist will treat giant spiders with Sclerotherapy, which is best for large spider veins.

Is laser treatment permanent?

After the treatment, the skin returns to a more natural color, reducing the unsightly red veins. The laser does not remove the expected impacts of aging, and treatment does not deter the occurrence of new spider veins.


Proper prevention and curing these veins earlier can make treatment much more manageable and result better. You can consult with a certified vein specialist who can determine if you have spider veins or other conditions like venous insufficiency.