March 28, 2022

What Do You Know About Clear Aligners?


Invisible braces or clear aligners are used to straighten the teeth much like braces. They are custom-made to fit the mould of your teeth. Orthodontist close to me suggests clear aligners as they move the teeth into their correct position by gently applying the constant force without going through the hustle of brackets and wires. They are custom-made for each patient by using a digital scan. An orthodontist in Hialeah states that these aligners are the most comfortable option if you don’t want to go through the discomfort of wires and brackets.

Invisible aligners have many advantages. They are much better than the traditional metal braces. A local orthodontist near me says that although the aligners are much more comfortable to wear or remove, patients need to take really good care of the discipline of wearing aligners to ensure the success of the treatment. You can search for invisible braces near me to get the best Invisalign aligners.

What are the advantages of wearing ceramic braces?

Orthodontists who do Ceramic braces near me say that they and metal braces are almost the same in shape and size, but the ceramic braces are less noticeable than the traditional metallic braces. Ceramic braces can easily blend with the natural teeth color.

Some of them even come with tooth color bands or elastics which makes them even more unnoticeable. and That is probably the biggest advantage of ceramic braces. Though they might be the better choice than metal braces, they are pricier than traditional braces. Consult with your nearby orthodontist for more braces options.

Whom should we consult for the braces treatment?

Although, a good dental clinic might be the best place to get braces near me. But there are some cases of serious misalignments or bite issues that your regular dentist may not be able to fix. Oftentimes, the dentists refer such complex cases to the orthodontists. If you have severe misalignment of jaw or teeth, crowding teeth, knocked out teeth, or missing teeth gap then an experienced and qualified orthodontist would be the best option for you.

What to expect from dental consultation?

A dental consultation provided by the orthodontist around me is an informal meeting with the expert of orthodontics that gives you a chance to ask questions and open up about your concerns regarding braces treatment or other orthodontic problems. During the consultation, the orthodontists will ask for your medical and family history to get a better idea about your dental condition. Some of the issue orthodontist covers in the consultation are-

  • Impressions or X-ray
  • Oral exam
  • Timeline or treatment
  • Developing a treatment plan personalized for a patient
  • Giving the solution to the questions asked by patients.


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