May 20, 2023

What is Sciatica Back Pain?


Sciatica lower back pain is caused by compression, pinching, inflammation, and nerve irritation in the lower back. The most common reason is a slipped disk, leading to stress on the nerve root. Various individuals with sciatica get better independently with time and healthcare surgeries. The nerve sciatic back pain treatment is mainly associated with the sciatic nerve that arises from an irritation or injury. It originates from the gluteal area and goes to the lower leg bone. It is mainly created of five roots of nerves, two generated from the lower back area, known as the lumbar region of the spinal cord, and three generated from the last section of the spinal cord, known as the sacrum.

The five nerve roots combine to create a left and right sciatic nerve. A single sciatic nerve operates through the hips on every side of the patient’s body. It goes through the buttocks to the down leg, which finishes just below the foot knees. This nerve branches into the nerves, which is mainly responsible for the continuation of the downfall of your leg in the feet and toes. The nerve sciatica issue is limited at back pain specialists clifton. However, the word sciatica is generally used to describe pain that starts in the lower back and goes below the leg.

What are the feelings of sciatica pain?

Sciatica pain is described in distinct ways based on its causes. Some people show that it has felt like jolts, shooting, and sharp pain, while others show pain as stabbing, electric shock, or burning. The pain can be continuous or may go and come. However, the back pain doctor woodland park is generally more severe than lower back pain in your leg.

The pain may feel worse if you are sitting and standing for long periods, also during the twisting of the upper body and when standing up. An instant body movement and a force like sneezing and coughing may also generate the worst pain. Sciatica mainly impacts a single leg at a single period. However, it is probable for sciatica to lead to both legs. It is only a condition of the place of the nerve being pinched with the spine at back pain specialists woodland.


Risk factors associated with sciatica

There are various risk factors which are linked with the pain of sciatica. The most common and general risk factors are mentioned below.

  • It may have an injury to the lower back and spinal cord, putting anyone at the most significant risk.
  • Normal aging may feel the nerves at threat of becoming injured and pinched through the shifts and transformations in ligaments, discs, and bones.
  • The weight being carried in our front is the lift which has been pulled.


Sciatica can occur either suddenly or slightly, and it depends on the reason for the occurrence. A disc herniation may lead to sudden irritation and causes pain. Arthritis may occur in the spinal cord, which takes time to originate and increases slightly. Sciatica is a common and general concern. Almost about 40 percent of individuals in the world experience sciatica generally. Back pain is the most common and the third most widespread cause for individuals to go to the back pain doctor or any other healthcare provider.