June 23, 2022

What Is The Best Method To Fix Overbite?


Overbite is one of the most common oral issues recently. It is a wide gap between the upper and below teeth. A typical bite measures one to two mm, and the front teeth should meet the lower teeth adequately. If the gap becomes more prominent, known as a severe overbite.

Overbite is also referred to as malocclusion. Patients’ upper teeth do not meet with the lower ones in this condition due to protrusion. Moreover, if the front teeth overlap the bottom one, it clearly indicates that they have an overbite.

Overbite can be classified based on the complexities and the treatments involved in it. Therefore, orthodontists have a unique treatment plan to deal with the situation safely and swiftly.so, book an appointment with an experienced orthodontist North Miami and get the treatment in time.

What are the different causes of an overbite?

  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction
  • Grinding teeth
  • use of pacifiers
  • Not getting the treatment in time and losing multiple teeth.
  • Genetics
  • If the kids are involved in bad habits like thumb-sucking and overuse of a bottle.
  • If you are a teen or adult, biting nails or chewing pen and pencils can cause Overbite.

What are the different types of Overbite?

There are mainly two types of overbites, including dental and skeletal.

Skeletal Overbite:

Skeletal Overbite is a dental condition in which the lower jaw is smaller than the upper jaw that keeps pushing the teeth in the upper row.

Dental Overbite:

Dental Overbite is a condition in which the upper jaw won’t align with your lower jaw properly. Maybe the reason is poor alignment of teeth that pushed the bottom jaw back, ending in an overbite.

What are the various methods to fix an overbite?

Dental Braces:

Dental braces are an excellent solution for crooked and misaligned teeth but can also treat overbite issues. The treatment process may complete in the following steps, including;

  1. Orthodontists Miami beachattach the braces to the teeth to offer an aligned and straight smile. You can also choose the overbite braces after the recommendation of an expert orthodontist.
  2. Once you get perfectly aligned teeth, your dentist will fit the elastic bands on the brackets so that the jaws come in their proper position. It becomes possible when the bands put constant pressure on them. Remove the bands before you eat, drink and brush your teeth.
  3. The last stage of the treatment process includes wearing a retainer to get the correct teeth position. Although the treatment results time may vary from person to person. But it takes around two years.

Compare the Overbite before and after braces results, and you will witness a huge difference.


Invisalign is an excellent alternative to braces, especially for people who feel discomfort with conventional braces. They involve a sequence of clear trays that gradually molds the patient’s teeth to shift them into their proper position. Your orthodontist may replace the trays over time, and this process continues until you won’t get healthy teeth & smile. However, Invisalign is more costly than traditional braces; people still prefer them due to less visibility and less time in overbite correction.


If you have a misaligned jaw bone, it may end in Overbite, requiring surgery to get a flawless smile. Overbite surgery is perfect for adults, but children may not need it as they are still growing.

Tooth Extraction:

Generally, dentists recommend tooth extractions when the person has overcrowded teeth. They eliminate single or multiple teeth to accommodate the remaining teeth and move them into the proper position. Once the teeth start reaching their normal position, the jaw automatically aligns.

If you are suffering from bite issues, book an appointment with your orthodontist and get a precise diagnosis and treatment. You can also demand Overbite before and after images to take the decision.