June 17, 2022

Why Diaper Rash Cream is a Necessity for Adults


If you’re one of the many adults out there who struggle with diaper rash, then you already know how uncomfortable it can be. Not only do diapers not breathe and keep moisture in, but they also rub against your skin, leaving redness and irritation in their wake. Instead of putting up with that kind of irritation, switch to an adult diaper rash cream like this one from which will get rid of the rash and help heal your skin naturally.

Ways your skin benefits from diaper rash cream

First, baby rash cream creates an impermeable film on your skin that prevents new irritants from contacting your sensitive skin. This thin barrier can help protect against bacteria and yeast. So even if you are getting older and wiser about staying clean down there, don’t ignore these tips for diaper rash cream for adults! Also, these creams keep moisture from evaporating too quickly which can cause issues like redness and itching. If you have an extra-sensitive butt (and face), it’s important to re-apply diaper rash cream frequently during long trips or daydreaming in meetings. Lastly, if you do get irritated skin in your nether regions, diaper rash creams contain ointments that promote healing with their quick absorption and anti-inflammatory properties.

The need for moisturizing

If you live in cold or dry climates, or have naturally dry skin (hello winter!), it’s probably important to regularly moisturize your body. Many people swear by face cream, but with butt cream for adults having its own dedicated use, why would you neglect another large area of your body? One reason could be that no one has told you about butt cream for adults before. After all, who goes out of their way to tell people about something like that? Not us! So if you’re an adult and don’t use butt cream regularly—maybe it’s time to look into getting some…no matter how weird it might feel at first.

Wound healing properties

Scientists are finding that some diaper rash creams have properties which might actually be useful in treating skin issues such as dry skin, eczema and even certain types of infections. The active ingredient, zinc oxide, has shown to kill microbes and fight off bacteria on human tissue; it has also been used to speed up healing times on wounds. If you suffer from adult diaper rash or are looking for an effective moisturizer with antibacterial properties, consider purchasing diaper rash cream. Though many experts warn against using over-the-counter medications without first consulting a physician, more and more doctors recommend treating skin ailments topically rather than systemically–and if that’s what your doctor says about adult diaper rash cream, go for it! It may be your new favorite product.

Ingredient list

Ingredients you don’t want to see in your diaper rash cream include dyes, perfumes, parabens, preservatives and fragrances. These ingredients can cause an allergic reaction and do not offer any relief from eczema or other skin conditions. Plus, it may make your baby break out even more. The best ingredient list to look for includes natural oils such as jojoba oil and coconut oil along with zinc oxide, which helps soothe redness. Ointments are also better than creams because they lock in moisture, which speeds up healing time.

How to use it

We all know that diaper rash cream is an absolute necessity for new parents. Those little butts get red and raw very quickly without regular applications of butt cream, so it’s not surprising to learn that diaper rash cream is one of highest-grossing items in baby stores. But did you know that adult bottoms can be just as sensitive? And despite what you might think, many adults suffer from diaper rash, too! While your chafed skin won’t get better with a baby wipe and some soap (as tempting as it may be), there are specific products on the market that can help ease your soreness.

Is calamine lotion good for poison ivy?

There’s only one thing worse than having to deal with poison ivy: Having to deal with poison ivy and not having any calamine lotion on hand. Though calamine has been more frequently used in children’s medicine, it can actually be useful for adults who get an outbreak of poison ivy, too. The reasons that calamine lotion works so well against poison ivy are twofold: It both dries out your skin and cools you down. You know how tight, fiery, itchy and red your skin gets when you have a serious case of Poison Ivy? Calamine lotion helps fight that by taking off some of those irritating effects.