June 2, 2022

Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth, And What Is Wisdom Teeth Removal?


According to researchers, wisdom teeth were necessary for our ancestors. Their diet mainly consisted of crunchy leaves, hard nuts, and uncooked meat. However, we eat cooked food in recent times, and we use knives and forks to cut them into smaller pieces. As a result, wisdom teeth are frequently called vestigial structures (parts of the human body that have become unnecessary). Wisdom tooth extraction near me is a surgical procedure to extract the third molars or wisdom teeth.

Between the ages of 17 and 21, wisdom teeth commonly erupt. According to wisdom tooth extraction near me, most people have four wisdom teeth. It’s believed that 5% to 37% of people don’t have all of their wisdom teeth, and in some cases, none. Most people have at least one impacted wisdom tooth, which means it isn’t able to grow normally. You can prevent further damage to the surrounding teeth and bone by removing the impacted wisdom tooth.

What do you mean by wisdom teeth extraction surgery?

Wisdom tooth removal is an outpatient surgical procedure. Generally, delta dental PPO dentists or oral surgeons perform this procedure. A dentist will recommend wisdom teeth removal if the X-ray and exams show that you have wisdom teeth impaction or may cause any dental problems. The surgeon will make incisions into the gums and remove the tooth either in pieces or as a whole.

You will be under the effect of anesthesia, which includes IV sedation and nitrous oxide, based on your comfort level and the intricacy and amount of extractions you may need. Your surgeon will decide which sedative or anesthetic to use.

What is the primary purpose of wisdom tooth removal surgery?

The Best Dentist In Houston will monitor the development of your wisdom teeth during routine appointments and with dental X-rays. Even if you aren’t suffering any symptoms right now, your dentist may recommend wisdom tooth removal surgery to prevent problems from developing. Since wisdom teeth are present in an area that is hard to clean, it can be challenging to maintain proper dental hygiene. They may refer you to an oral surgeon or Dentist Houston Tx for the surgery.

Before the surgery, the surgeon will meet with you for a consultation to review your dental records and take further X-rays to check the breadth of your surgical needs. According to dentists who do wisdom teeth removal near me, They may discuss removing them even if they are impacted or have the potential to cause problems such as the following,

  • Tooth decay
  • Infection
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Damage to the surrounding teeth
  • Bone loss
  • Periodontal disease
  • Tooth loss

Call your dentist or oral surgeon if you are experiencing a dental emergency such as severe pain, tooth loss, fever, or loss of teeth. You don’t have to wait for the appointment date.


We hope the above information helps you understand more about the wisdom teeth removal procedures. The above article focuses on various aspects, factors, and benefits of wisdom teeth removal. For further information regarding wisdom teeth removal, please check out dentisthoustontx.com.