June 3, 2022

Is There A Way To Treat Varicose Veins Permanently?


If you are thinking, How can I permanently cure varicose veins? Then technically, there is no way to fix varicose veins’ condition permanently. Chronic venous insufficiency or CVI is the condition that causes varicose veins to result in permanent damage to the walls, which control the blood flow back to the heart and the lungs. There is no permanent way to remove the varicose veins using a tiny scalpel. In addition, there is no proven pharmaceutical or natural for natural solutions to reverse the damage caused by the veins that become varicose are damaged permanently.

Some people complain about the recurrence of varicose veins even after the treatment. No treatment or doctors can guarantee that the varicose vein won’t return after the treatment, especially if the problem of varicose vein runs in your family. Sometimes varicose can return if they are not closed properly in the previous treatment, or more than one treatment session is required.

What are the benefits of non-surgical varicose vein treatment?

There are several benefits of non-surgical varicose vein treatment, such as

  • Extremely effective
  • High success rate
  • It can be performed at a clinic
  • It is extremely effective
  • No need for a general anesthetic
  • No downtime or need time away from work
  • Medicare rebates apply
  • No need for hospitalization

What are the home remedies for treating varicose veins?

A person can take home measures to prevent the pain and discomfort and prevent the varicose vein from worsening. These measures include

  • Daily exercising
  • Raising the legs
  • Avoiding sitting, lying, or standing in the same position for too long
  • Swimming, yoga, cycling, and dance may help
  • Eating healthy and nutritious food
  • Wearing compression stockings
  • Massaging the legs

How do vein specialists tackle varicose veins?

If you don’t know, What doctor treats varicose veins? Then vein specialists or vascular surgeons are the answer. Vein stripping, a surgical procedure, was the only technique to eliminate varicose vein a decade ago. And it’s as tricky as the name suggests. Vein stripping entails the removal of the diseased vein, which necessitates a few days in the hospital, a general anesthetic, and lengthy, painful rehabilitation. Vein stripping is not widespread these days.

The Vein Institute’s doctors use delicate, minimally invasive techniques that involve inserting a small catheter into the veins and using a laser or radiofrequency to seal and collapse the vein. The procedure is exceedingly safe, and when a vein is closed, the deoxygenated blood is sent back to the heart and lungs via neighboring veins. The surrounding tissue naturally absorbs the veins that have now closed. Due to the varicose vein removal, the overall blood circulation improves, and good health restores.


We can say that the above-given information is reliable and informative in terms of varicose vein treatment. We learned about the benefits of the non-surgical varicose vein treatment, how doctors treat varicose vein and spider veins, and more from the above information. For further information regarding varicose vein, contact veintreatmentli.com.

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