April 26, 2023

Why Should I Choose Invisalign Over Braces?


Invisalign is a more excellent option to align your teeth. Braces are a good option for teeth that are more severely misaligned. But often, people choose Invisalign near me as it gives more benefits than braces.

Invisalign is a series of invisible aligners tray that helps shift your teeth to the desired place and convert your misaligned teeth into a perfect smile. Clear aligners are an ideal solution for people who are self-conscious about their appearance or don’t want the metal wires to look.

Maintain Good Oral Health.

With Invislaign, you need to continue practicing oral hygiene because the clear Invisalign aligners are removable. When braces are absent, brushing and flossing are significantly easier before placing them in your mouth; make sure to clean them.

Food frequently gets stuck between the teeth, and it becomes challenging-to-reach spots when where you have braces. Not taking care of your oral health can result in cavities, gum disease, and other dental problems because the plaque on your teeth eats sugar. But it doesn’t mean wearing clear aligners allows you to neglect your oral hygiene. If you don’t take care, bacteria can build up, advancing the risk of tooth decay. Before putting on your aligner trays, brush and floss your teeth. Keep your trays clean.

Continue Eating Your Favorite Foods.

The best advantage people enjoy is that it does not stop them from eating their favorite food. There are no dietary limitations if you correct your teeth using clear aligners. You can keep eating your favorite meals because Invisalign is removable. Brush and floss your teeth after every meal to prevent your Invisalign from getting stained. Consult with your orthodontist Hollywood fl to know more about it.


To protect the wires and brackets in their braces, people who wear them have to stick to a strict diet. People with braces cannot consume chewy or sticky foods like caramel popcorn, chips, or candies as they can get stuck in their teeth while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Keep Sharp Edges away.

Metal brackets can scrape your mouth’s soft tissues. Similar to how lengthy wires that haven’t been adequately cut can stab you in the cheek, which may bleed and cause other problems. Clear aligners are more comfortable with aligners with no sharp edges to cut you while you’re in between appointments wInvisalign near meith hallandale beach orthodontist.

You will experience pressure during the initial days of wearing your new aligners. Th pressure means that your aligners are working on your teeth, and your teeth are shifting to their position.


Unlike braces, Invisalign doesn’t need to be tightened during appointments. Instead, your orthodontist Miami fl will monitor your progress before giving you the next set of aligners in your series. Each set brings you closer to a beautiful, aligned smile.

Keep Your White Smile On.

People frequently overlook their oral health when they have braces on. After all, trying to clean around wires and brackets is a tough job to do. But with clear aligners, it is no more challenging to do as they are removable, allowing you to brush and floss your teeth regularly. Remember to brush your teeth after meals so you have clean teeth and wash your aligners.

In Conclusion:

Invisalign is an ideal solution for many people. Still, you must consult with your affordable orthodontist near me if you’re a candidate for Invisalign. Practice good oral hygiene and achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. Book an appointment now and start your teeth-strengthening journey!