September 4, 2020

Today’s Woman


She is a guide, mentor, mother, nurturer, wife and friend. She is many things to many people. She is Today’s woman. She is a new woman in ever changing new world or is she? She gives and she takes only what is earned. She speaks up even when it feels uncomfortable. When life gives her lemons Today’s woman takes those lemons and makes lemonade or does she?

As a woman today I have the same goals in mind as my mother yesterday. I want just as much to raise and care for my children in a healthy home environment. The only difference between me and my mother was that she was born in 1932 a time of poverty. By the age of 12 she was at home raising her brothers and sisters instead of attending school. My mother grew into a woman and took on the job of mother and wife. My mother never worked outside of the home until my father’s death in 1988. At this time she was faced with no education, no job experience and was forced back into the work force. She took a job at a factory until health forced her into early retirement. But she did what she had to do to survive.

Today I want as much for myself and my children as my mother did. However today as women we have worked our way into the right to vote, to fight for equal pay, to break away from traditional roles but I think we have over stepped our roles. No longer is Today’s Woman concerned with equality but we have pushed our way with a feminist movement that we are now one up on men.

The abortion movement is one fine example of that. The law allows a woman to take power over a joint decision by aborting a life made by both man and woman and the man has no say over it. Yet the same feminist are demanding that fathers pay child support and alimony instead of teaching the single woman to financially support herself. Feminist have created Today’s woman all right, they have trained and molded her to be a victim.

I will tell you that there are no victims in life only those who willingly volunteer to play the role. The sad thing is feminist don’t even see how sad and how much of an embarrassment they are to other women like me. Today’s Woman is teaching Today’s Woman to take control over something that involves both a man and woman like abortion and yet at the same time making her depend on her man’s money and encouraging the government to give her special privileges.

Being Today’s Woman should mean that you can make a contribution to humanity as a whole. It should be about finding your passion in life and embracing it with determination and depending on only yourself. Today’s Woman has more than equal rights and she still wants more. She wants to eat her cake and have it to. Come on you have to admit that the feminist way of thinking is pretty much bios. She wants the same rights as man but accepts a few favors because she has a set of tits and ovaries.

At one time the feminist movement might have actually stood for something, meant something to me as a woman but sadly not anymore. I was proud to be a feminist when women were shouting and marching up the street take back the night don’t be a victim. But now Today’s woman has gone from the nurturing caring mother like my mother was to a bitter resentful woman. Sadly by Today’s woman standards if you are not a woman on the side of the line who believes in aborting the unborn child and taking Daddy to the cleaners in a messy divorce then you’re not real women.

Today’s woman has labeled all women victims. By Today’s woman standards there is only one way to think and that is their way. They have no problem in playing the helpless female role and taking power over man. But lets look at this perhaps it is man who is really the victim.

There are sadly to many double standards set by Today’s woman so maybe I’m yesterdays woman after all living in Today’s World. A mother is perhaps the most noble, important profession in society. Maybe I am just a woman who was born in the wrong century.

I know a young thirty-four year old single mother who is bringing up five children on her own. She is a woman that I admire as Today’s Woman. She cares about the well being of her family. She struggles daily to uplift her family out of poverty and provide the best for those children. She made the ultimate sacrifice a mother can, she leaves her children each day to go to work and provide for them. She doesn’t have any daddy in the background paying child support and alimony. She is both mother and father. She is what Today’s Woman should be about. Tammy Chambers is a lady that I greatly admire as Today’s woman and she could certainly teach the feminist movement a thing or two.

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